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The LIST :

(sorted by length of friendship) hehehehe :)

Friends since we are in the womb hehehe... my mom's best friend's daughter... Anna..

In Cheerful group.... Ellen, Henny, Monica, Juliana... you will find them in red gown at the party.... they are my friends since I was in the fifth grade at elementary school..

Junior High School... Elizabeth, Lydia, Vivi, Santi

Senior High School.. Josephine, Litasari, Agung, Catur, Andi, Grace, Natalia

University... Jenny, Lily, Mulijati, Christin, Fonny, Ding-ding, Roesminiati, Melinda, Seri..etc..etc...

My  best internet pals, who is in Paris... Phillippe

At Work in Jakarta... Rika, Jovita, Herno, Ling-ling, Rina, Poppy.. (a,b,c,f came from middle and east java.. soo glad to hear you all speak javanese.. my favorite language hehehe....)

and also Imelda.. who is actually friends from womb too..

My Ex-Bosses at KAP.Johan, Malonda & Rekan....Mr. Harry  and MR. Kiman.... thank you for your guidance :)) (Hope you all don't mind if I put you on my list of friends....since I do feel that eventhough you all are my boss, you all are also my friends)

At Work in Surabaya... Prasetio.. who help me to get this "ngebet".

You can see some picture of my friends at pictures page.