The Bride

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For you, who don't know who I am.... or Who is Andi's future wife :P or wife ( depends on when u read this site).... here is my data:

My Complete Name is Dionysia Regina Moniaga ( of course you can read that too in the invitation) hehehe.... I was born in Surabaya.. in April, 1974,  both of my parents were originated from from Gorontalo, and Dad from Amurang......(that is where I get my moniaga family name)   At home, or around friends, people just call me Donna.

I have one younger brother.. who is now in Canada..

I went to school mostly in Petra (elementary to Senior High School) and got my bachelor degree in economics in Surabaya University (Ubaya).

What else... hmm... working experience?? (I'm feeling like writing my CV..hehehehe) My first job was a librarian...when I entered junior high school, together with my friends... We opened a small library.. it was good at that time...but unfortunately.. some guys started to annoy us there.. so dad told us to close it down... my second job was... . as an assistant at my mother's practice... well... she is a very good doctor... she dedicated her life for other people... I'm proud of her.. eventhough sometimes we all have to get a bit disappointed since she didn't have time for us.... I learned quite a lot there.. enough to know what kind of medicine to take if I got sick hahahahaha... thank you mom :))

My third job (real job hehehe).. was as an auditor... . in KAP Johan, Malonda & Rekan... in Jakarta... that's when I met Andi.

And currently... I'm back in Surabaya... working with my own father... in a trading company MBM, Wadjasakti and also a colour photo lab- Surya Mandala...


Hobbies... well... now probably going out with my best friends and eating... but before.. when I had more time... animals, guitar..reading...learning about computers...chatting :)

What are things that is important in my life...?

God... I believe in God.. and I know that God has been very good, and kind to me.. He teach things to me.. through everything that happen to me..  He even.. chose a husband that is very much like what I want... ( want to know what it is??.. hehehe email me ok) I hope God will always open my heart for His teaching.. to be more like Him.

My parents... I highly respect  them..., both of them have taught me about life, giving me the best guidance on life.. I am what I am now.. because of God and them.

My Grandmother... a very loving and kind person.. someone who teaches me through small things, which has great affect on life.. about God, manners, how to raise a dog :P hehehe... this 4th of January 2002 will be her 92nd birthday... (yes you didn't read it wrong, ninety two years old)

My friends.... I have a SMALL group of friends...hehehe... Friends that help me through my good and bad days...well... do u want to see the list? Smurf  the picture......

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You can see some picture of my friends at pictures page.

And.. last...but not Least hehehehe... of course My of the best gift that God has given me... beside.. good family..and good friends... someone with a very good heart... I hope he stays that way hehehehe :) God will help :)))

(you will learn about him on his page)


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