Our Story

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How did We Meet?...... its all because of Jenny :)

The bride side of story:smurfette7.gif (9818 bytes)

Jenny is one of my best friend in Surabaya, by that time, she had a job in Jakarta. We didn't have many friends here in Jakarta so we spent most of our free time together, going out, eating out, etc.

(Now She is working in Tunjungan Hotel Surabaya, mostly in Imperial Restaurant.. we recomend you to try their desert hehehe Candid Banana, its very delicious))

One of my hobby by that time, is chatting, since it's really fun to learn about other people from many different countries. I could learn about how they see things, the way they think, and everything to broaden my way of thinking.

Even from IRC I got my very best internet pals, Phillippe

One day on October 10 night, 1998, Jenny decided to learn how to chat. She spent the night at my place and I taught her how to use IRC.  I started the connection and chose indonesian famous channel, bawel.. (not the usual channel I go.. phillippe must know where I use to go, he he he he) and let jenny play with it, once in a while she asked me things. And then... there was this one guy, who is very polite and soo.. eager to teach Jenny. We concluded that this person is very nice, we chatted for quite long... and decided to meet each other, thinking it's really great that we can add new friends here in Jakarta.


The Groom side of story:norm.gif (5807 bytes)

I'd been learning about IRC for a few weeks... just to find out what is IRC all about. That day, I went in to the usual channel and just viewing at the main channel when jenny came and asked me to chat, she knows nothing about irc..., still confused with the marks... I tried to teach her, and later found out that she spent the night at her friend's place, ... the 3 of us talked together for almost 6 hours.. and for the first time I really enjoyed spending my time with irc... the conversation that we had, was really interesting and has more value than other chats that I had before. And then they told me about their plans for the day after that... and asked me about my plans... I had none :P so when they asked me to join them, I quickly thought that this must be interesting, the whole new experience...... and I decided to meet them.... the next morning (well, it's morning already anyway).


The MEETING:confused.gif (3397 bytes)

We Chose Puri Indah Mall, one of the mall that Jenny and donna haven't visited before (well, actually andi too), we made a group of 5 people, including Jenny's brother and his girlfriend. Andi gave his home number and also mobile number, and jenny gave his brother's mobile number to andi...so we could reach each other later....

And.. We finally MET four hours later... :-) (so you all can imagine, how much sleep we had hahahaha)


Our Thought at that time:

The Bride:

He is as nice, polite and honest as he's in the chatting channel... someone so enthusiastic to learn and teach things... A very reliable friend.

The Groom:

I've never met someone like her before, so natural..., smart, honest, easy to talk to... ...and someone who makes me feel relax... I think, I'm falling in love. ( After that day.. I always believe that she is the one....especially after God answered my prayer.... want to know what? hehehe secret laahh)


And Then.......

God unite us :))))

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