Pictures of friends and us



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Elizabeth and Donna at a beach in Madura (Beth's home island) year 1996

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Elizabeth, Donna and Melinda during thesis time.. year 1997

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Jovita and Herno... donna's previous roommates Jakarta


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I'in, Ellen, Juliana, Monica and Donna on Henny's Wedding 1999

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Ellen, Donna and Andi at Monica's wedding 2000

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Cheerful group.. with 1 additional person hahahahaha... kidding... Henny, Donna, Yuli, Jodi, Ellen, Monica.. and of course... that's Yuli's wedding :) 2000

anna.gif (23640 bytes)                Anna on her sister wedding

yulia2.JPG (15495 bytes)               Yulia, donna's cousin :) 2001


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Catur, Donna, and Andi

drm04.jpg (216585 bytes)

Donna and Josephine

drm05.jpg (252771 bytes)

Mulijati, Donna, Jenny, Christina

drm06.jpg (206419 bytes)

On Monica's Graduation...Donna, Ellen, Monica, Henny and Seri

drm07.jpg (291595 bytes)

Cheerful Group... Junior High School :)