First of all... we would like to thank God for us, there would be no 'us'  if its not because of Him. We hope God will always lead us, remind us when we are wrong, and give us an open heart for His teaching .. so that our live will be praises for Him.

We would like to thank our parents, aunts and uncles for their blessing and continuous attention and full hearted help, and to also thank the rest of our family, brother, sister, cousins for their support and help and for sharing this special day.

We would also like to thank all our friends especially, Henny, Lily, Ellen, Jenny, Monica who helped us preparing for this celebration. Friends... thank you for the list, the agenda, the time spent for accompanying us in selecting our vendors, and for the wonderful suggestions..., and also to some of our friends' mom and dad, and also our mom and dad's friends .. for their help...and prayers..

Thanks to our special cousin, Yulia... for your thoughts, and time spent for us....Thanks to Anna and Poppy, for your help in Souvenir.. and Shoes hehehehe.... also thanks to Herno.. for scanning the pictures :) .....
Thanks to Prasetio, for helping us getting the and provide web hosting, umm... if you need something about web, you can learn more about his products at

Thank you for our vendors.. especially Angel Card - Noniq and Cherry Red - Angie.. for your attention in fulfilling our will.. and for your special design which really suit our dream...

And.... We Thank Peyo, who invented the SMURF, where we got our inspiration.


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