The Groom

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Hi There.... you all open this page to find out who is this lucky guy hehehehehe....

well... I do feel lucky..

My Name is Andi Sama.... as you all wonder why smurf.. some of you must wonder why Sama... that is the magical name given by my parents :)

I was born in Tangerang.. in April, 1969...from an ordinary family.... I have 3 younger brothers and 1 younger sister... that makes me the first born,  right?

I studied primary and junior high school in SD/SMP Setia Bhakti, and then went to  the senior high school in SMAN 1, Tangerang. I got my bachelor degree  in Computer Engineering from University of Bina Nusantara proudly to say.. hehehe.. I was one of the best graduates. A few years later, I took my Master degree in Computer Science at Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Benarif Indonesia, again proudly to say, I was one of the best graduates.

Well.. you might have enough with best graduate things :)... hehehe... but let me tell you more why did I appreciate that title very much.. I came from a very poor family... one of the reason that I could get my first degree was our family's believes that schooling is very important to have a better life, my mom risk all the money that we had at that time to pay  my first year tuition fee.. and how about for the rest of the years at University? God had been helping us.. there's always ways to survive...scholarship.. and also help from my mom's sister. That is why.. I always feel I have to achieve the best...

At 7th semester during my bachelor degree study, I was accepted in PT. IBM Indonesia (formerly PT. USI Jaya) working in Banking, Finance & Security division... the place that have changed my whole life... I really learned a lot from there... I worked there for almost 10 years... Now... I am working at PT. Mitra Integrasi Komputindo also an IT company - an IBM business partner.

I guess that's enough about studying and working.... hm... lets talk about hobby.. my hobby is eating prawn, and studying..I still dream (did I mention dream? he..he..) I can get a master degree in Finance.. or a Doctoral degree in Computer someday...ummm.. I like singing too... Ebiet is one of my favorites :), then pop-songs. Well... being with donna is also my hobby :) (don't get a big head from this).

I guess that's all from me.. if there is anything that you want to ask me... just write me ok?, I'll reply when I've the time.. he..he..he..

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